Online Surgical Technician Certification Course with Dignity College of Healthcare

In an operating room consisting of doctors, surgeons, and nurses, there is one other person who plays an important role in the success of an operation – the surgical technician. Typically, a technician can be found working in hospitals as well as for physicians or dentists who perform outpatient surgery.

Job Responsibilities of a Surgical Technician

Although a technician is not directly involved in the actual operation itself, the role he plays is part of what will make the surgery a success. In fact, his duties begin from pre-surgery up to post-surgery.

Pre-surgery tasks. Online surgical tech courses Primarily, the role requires that a technician maintain the cleanliness of the operating room from floor to ceiling as well as the curtains, ensuring that all instruments that will be used during the operation are sterile and are arranged neatly near where the surgeon will position himself. This also includes checking whether all required equipment is functioning properly; availability of surgical dressings, gauze, and cotton; and, accessibility of all materials needed by doctors or surgeons such as gloves, masks, gowns, among others.

When it comes to the patient, the technician’s duty is to prepare the patient for the actual procedure by sterilizing incision sites and moving the patient to and from the operating room. Then, he ensures that the patient is covered with disinfected drapes and prepares sterile solutions for the surgery.

During the actual surgery, a technician performs chairside assisting by passing the correct instruments and supplies as requested by the surgeon. Finally, as part of his post-surgery tasks, he then helps in caring for or disposing of human specimens that will be brought to the laboratory for further tests aside from cleaning and preparing the operating room once again for the next scheduled operation.

Becoming a Surgical Technician

Those who intend to pursue a career as surgical technologist must have completed at least a high school diploma before being accepted into the certificate or associate’s degree program. However, students must ensure that the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, or CAAHEP, accredits the school’s surgical technician program.

Typical Course Content

The surgical technician course is composed of lectures and clinical instructions where students are taught about anatomy, medical terms, biology, physiology, pharmacology, and work ethics in the medical field, among others. Working in supervised practical and clinical settings is introduced where students learn about operating room safety procedures, prevention of infection, and techniques on how to sterilize tools and equipment and more.

After completing the course, another requirement is to undergo an internship program either in a local hospital setting or in a dental clinic.

Although there is no mandate that surgical technicians must pass certification tests, passing one will greatly help jobseekers find hospital work easily. In addition, depending on the State one decides to work in, some regulate the job itself, thus, certification is required.

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