Mobile Air Conditioner

You may sometimes feel to transport your air conditioners to places you roam about inside your house, that many mobile air conditioners are available in the marketplace at affordable rates. It comes in different dimensions, so there is no need to worry about its footprint as it occupies very little space. Two unique features concerning this device is that it is provided with a handy remote control system to help you operate it from wherever you are and the second best feature is, its in-built dehumidifier which acts as an added advantage.

As well as the above said significance if you would wish, the company also provides you with the heating device by simply getting a very few bugs a lot more than its original price. It can be used via 2 ports one is the wired remote control and other is through infrared rays. The customer service is very pleasing and they present you with round the clock services. When you take its effectiveness, the cool air from the machine moves in every four directions and when it comes to moisture removal the outlet hose could be linked to false ceiling. To make it more advanced the cool air is also supplied through ductwork and will get in touch to ceiling where it could be discharged via mounted grills.

The air conditioning equipment includes two cool settings, sensor signaling once the collection tray becomes full, exhaust, two fan speed settings, compressor that have a higher performing capacity, refrigerant to generate cool air, 12 hour timer, dehumidifier, heat settings, air filters to remove dust, and a handy remote control. For people who consider the technical side of the device here are the facts: cooling capacity ranges from 2.4kW to 5.5kW, removes the condensate at a rate of 1 1.2litres/hr to 2litres/hr and the capacity of the tank is 12 litres, volume of ventilation ranges from 350m3/hr to 500 m3/hr, heating capacity (when heat settings are incorporated furthermore) is 3kW, and the hose is 2 meter long by 150 mm in diameter. It weighs about 39 kg.

mobiele airco The dimensions are 840 mm high, 500 mm wide and 415 mm comprehensive. It operates at a temperature of 18 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. Initially it consumes voltage of about 40A and the power consumption on an average is 1600W. The device makes the least level of noise and the number is 49 to 60 dB.

This machine also comes in split model which is super quiet and highly powerful. The model includes two pieces where the indoor unit includes a dimension of about 75 cm in height, 38 cm in width and 40 cm in depth whereas the outdoor unit is 58 cm high, 48 cm wide, and 24 cm comprehensive. It is employed with three fan speed, 13 amp plugs, and the weight is 38 and 13 kg for indoor and outdoor respectively. For those who always desire to use eco-friendly devices, this is a good alternative as the refrigerant that’s used is bio-degradable. For people who want to have their interior beautiful, that is a great deal since it comes in all modern designs of varied styles.

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